@MyCascade ActionPacs leave odor, ruin dishes

I received a free sample of Cascade ActionPacs and thought I’d try it. I should’ve known better because I could smell a fragrance. But I thought I’d pinch a couple pennies and try it. I’ve heard good things about both Cascade and Dawn. And I assumed (lol silly me) assumed that any fragrance would rinse away. Who wants smelly dishes?

The smell did not rinse away. It clings to anything silicone especially, and all plastic. That includes baby sippy cup, bottle, spoons, pretty much everything she uses. My brand new coffee mugs with silicone lids are trash now too. We cannot bear to sip fragrant chemical coffee.

Is this residue unsafe or just annoying? What sort of customers did they test this product with? Does anyone know how to get rid of it??? Extra rinse? Vinegar? Help, I don’t want to throw my dishes away :(

IMO @MyCascade owes me $ for the ruined dishes if I do have to throw them out. But I’m sure they wouldn’t pay up. If the product turned dishes purple people wouldn’t stand for it and they’d put a warning on the package “may discolor or stain dishes”. Why is this lingering chemical odor acceptable?

Baker squishes bread @WalmartCanada, husband takes the blame

Several times in the last while my husband came home with squished bread from Shawnessy Walmart. With a small baby who wasn’t yet measles-resistant I was just happy to have fresh food brought home, my all-time favourite whole wheat loaf at that, but finally I just had to point out the squishing. “It wasn’t me,” he insisted. “It was the baker”. “Oh, ya, right. The baker squished the bread. Uh huh”.

Well, just this past Friday it was I who ran in to pick up the bread. And, I had to sheepishly admit, my husband was right! The baker (or someone or something) had squished ALL the loaves of my favourite whole wheat bread. Here is a photo of my sad grilled cheese sandwiches:


So, @WalmartCanada, what is happening to the bread? Our family absolutely loves your fresh whole wheat loaves from The Italian Bakery and we go through a lot of loaves. Wish it didn’t come so squished.

Scent-Free Newborn

I love the smell of my baby just the way she came :)

I arrived home with her this week! She is snuggly and swaddly and sweet sweet sweet. I am trying to keep her and our home scent-free.

The first scent problem was at the hospital. The hospital uses Pampers brand diapers which are scented. I recall I wrote Pampers four years ago when AJ was a newborn asking why even their sensitive products are scented and they replied that otherwise the materials have a bad odour and that moms prefer the fragrance. Even a nurse admitted that Pampers can be more irritating than Huggies. I’m sure Pampers gives the hospitals the best deal.

The next scent problem was when baby Cary had been given a bath in the hospital nursery. The soap was scented, and I wished I had thought to bring my own baby soap. There goes that sweet new baby smell! No, she still has it underneath the perfume of the soap; I still find myself sniffing her perfect head :) but I do wish that scent mask wasn’t there.

Now we are home. And the only scent problem is visitors. The first visitor was the health nurse and she was wearing perfume. She even left her scent behind where she sat on the bed! I am surprised that a health worker, one who visits newborns all day, would wear a scent. I understand that people want to be fresh and clean, but that added spritz of fragrance is not necessary!

And now more visitors will come, family and friends. And somehow it will be more awkward to ask them to come scent-free. Especially people like my great-grandmother who has been wearing eau de toilette as part of her daily routine since before my father was a newborn. I think I’ll have to let that one slide, and all the kids take a bath after, and daddy wipes down the furniture wherever she sat. Sounds like a horrible chore.

Some people who know me well think of this on their own and forego perfume knowing they are visiting a newborn. Other people pop by on their way to/from other places, maybe not even planning to visit a newborn today. I can’t really tell them to go have a shower, to come back tomorrow or that they can’t hold the baby! We decided that we can gently restrict them from coming upstairs into the sleeping quarters. And of course we ask people to wash their hands which is also a bit awkward, especially with grownups.

I thought of putting a sign up like they do in some businesses and health centres, like this one. But, as I know from waiting for my ultrasound in queue behind some perfumey lady and cologne-covered gentleman, people don’t read signs. And even if they do read, scent is such a part of some peoples lives they can hardly give it up even for one day.

Cell Phone Shop @cpsnet online shopping

Fast delivery, low prices, I am happy! I dropped my iPhone a while ago. Ok I drop my iPhone a lot. Or it gets fired across the room by a silly toddler. At any rate, I totally smashed the back of my phone when I dropped it at Walmart. I looked at Walmart to find a case that would keep my iPhone 4 in one piece. Nothing. I went to Future Shop and bought the cheapest they had for $12. It was ugly and bulky with black domey knobs on the back, uncomfortable to hold and wobbly to set down on a table. A few weeks later, of course, I dropped it again. Or a toddler threw it, I’m never sure. The knobby case cracked too now!

Online I went, to the Canada Cell Phone Shop. I ordered a very inexpensive Body Glove case and it is sleek, comfortable, and lol fits my iPhone 4 like a glove! I can see the Apple logo through the clear back which is neat, almost like there’s no case at all. I couldn’t be happier! It came quite quickly (with free shipping coupon code) and I also ordered 3 charging cables that seem decent, the whole order $15. So if you have a couple weeks to wait, order your accessories from Cell Phone Shop.

Breakfast brought to you by @Target, er not quite

Tweeted #ArcherFarms recently, love their stuff available at Target. Whole, natural, often organic, yummy and not too expensive. Having a decent decaf coffee with blueberry bagels – and not just blueberry flavoured and coloured – these puppies are full of real blueberries.

The only thing stopping me from shopping at Target more often is there isn’t fresh produce. I can get staples like eggs, milk and bread but no apples, oranges and bananas. I imagine the overhead of offering produce or fresh meat is probably huge, but I would go to Target a little more and Walmart a little less if I could get those things!

Feel-good shopping @CalgaryCoop

I went to Walmart the other day and knew I needed big things like flour. I grabbed a cart but with 2 young kids wasn’t sure what to do with them both – cart seats only one! I’ve seen moms do it, despite the safety warning on the seat, I put one kid inside the cart and the other buckled in the seat. After getting squished bread and opened products I realized keeping a wiggly 3 year old in with the groceries wasn’t going to fly (although some groceries did fly).

Embarrassed I quickly checked out with the few items I did manage to get. But I didn’t get flour or milk or my prenatal vitamins. What was I going to do? A short timeout in the car and the kids said they were ready to finish shopping. “I could go to superstore,” I thought. “They have double-seat carts”. Grumbling at having to go to superstore (shopping seems to take longer there) I headed down Shawnessy. Then a stroke of genius! “Let’s try Co-op. They might have double-seat carts. Maybe even those fun ones kids can ‘drive’”.
And they do have those fun carts. And the kids had so much fun ‘driving’ around I was able to get what I came for and more.
Some things cost more, like my Jamieson vitamins but I was so glad they had those and I didn’t have to go anywhere else.
There are “Localize” signs all over the store so if thats something you care about check out Co-op. The local products are less expensive in many cases too. The Landmark Dairy milk cost less and my husband and I independently agreed tastes better.
I found organic fruits; the cantaloupe was great deal and the apples were pricey but delicious!
The part that sold me was the service. It was relaxing chatting with the cashier while an equally friendly fellow bagged my groceries. Then he helped me out to my car, which with the heavy flour and me being pregnant was awesome. So I decided its worth a few dollars extra here and there for the extra service.
And I think I’ll try leaving my 3 year old in their complimentary child care area next time!

Mergers Mergers everywhere

So it’s been a crazy month for everyone living in Calgary, and although Somerset and Shawnessey were not effected by the flood many people from High River were in our area. Thankfully they have lots of choices of grocery store, although it seems that will not be the case for much longer…

First Safeway and Sobeys announced they would be merging and now Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws (Superstore) announced a merger as well!

In our community that might mean the closure of two shows (though I suspect the Shoppers brand will remain).

What might that mean? Well, hopefully a few less loyalty cards in my pocket, and the best of both companies. Sobeys and safeway have similar quality and high prices, so nothing will change, but I’m not sure about Shoppers and Superstore. My fear – more collusion and reduced selection. Only time will tell.

In the mean time, enjoy this lovely summer weather!

The Real Canadian Frankenstore

Ok. So my regular readers know that I have a love hate relationship with my local Superstore.

So I was disappointed when I read in the Globe and Mail that they were banning products that mention anything about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) on the label.

Whatever your personal view on GMO, I think it’s insulting to consumers to take away choices about the food we eat. Companies pursuing profit are allowed to distinguish their products with dyes, scents and additives, why not distinguish themselves from other products by declaring they use only  non-GMO food? They let me buy organic products, are they going to remove those labels next? What about labels at all, perhaps I should just trust that all the food on the shelf is equally bad for me and shop elsewhere?

You’d at least think with all the GMO in the products they could engineer products with longer shelf life’s so they could stop selling expired products.

Superstore is losing it’s appeal as time goes on. There are fewer and fewer items that only they carry and more and more reasons to not shop there. I won’t cut them off yet, but I’ll feel insulted now when I shop there.

@Target 2nd chance

Redeemed! Ok so the prices aren’t great, I think I’ll still get kids clothes at Walmart. I usually get kids shoes on sale at Shoe Warehouse and get better prices there. A friend also said a baby carseat she was looking at was $60 cheaper at Walmart. But – a convenient place to pick up milk, bread, eggs and packaged groceries. No produce or meat to speak of, but there was some deli meat and packed salads.

I am very happy with the products I purchased. The RE waterproof mattress pad is excellent quality and was on sale for more than I thought. It is made of polyurethane which is a healthier alternative to vinyl, and I’ve been having a tricky time finding this type. I filled out an online feedback form and Walmart customer service informed me (by phone!) that they no longer carry such a one. The one I bought at Superstore (vinyl) ended up in the black bin since it just would not stop off-gassing and the sides ripped after just a couple of uses. The Beautyrest mattress pad from Walmart, also vinyl but not smelly, ripped to shreds after several washings, maybe I should have dried on no heat. Anyway, the RE brand mattress pad seems well constructed and is very pillowy comfy.

I picked up the Market Pantry brand of canadian blend coffee and am happy. It is as good as the Superstore Brand I usually get and better than the Walmart brand I’ve tried. I also tried the Market Pantry brand salsa and it is good. I think Sobey’s house brand is still my favourite hot salsa.

So check out Shawnessy Target. I’ve heard the grocery and toy sections are bigger than Chinook Target.

More info on safer bedding.

New @Target not all that

Shawnessy Target just opened and my husband and I were excited to check it out. I wasn’t as blown away as I expected to be, but to be fair we didn’t stay long or check out the whole store. I didn’t see produce and milk but did see bread and some good organic snacks. It was very busy since everyone else was excited to check it out too. I saw people with carts full of shoes and clothes. I am a very thrifty shopper when it comes to clothes and didn’t find the prices amazing. I’ll go back during a weekday when it’s less busy and spend more time digging. There looked to be a good selection of clothes, shoes, toys, household stuff. Reminded us of Zellers, even the layout. It will be competition for Winners and Walmart and probably bring more shoppers to Shawnessy. We left soon after we arrived to do our shopping at Canadian Tire (just needed a garden sprinkler).